TOMS: The shoes that share

When I first saw TOMS (Shoes for Tomorrow) five years ago, I felt like I had gone back to 80’s. The original shoe style is a blast from the past. But the canvas material and shape of the shoe was, and I imagine still is, extremely comfortable. TOMS has since added different styles and materials. Their shoes are not only stylish, they give back.

TOMS was started in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie. He was in Argentina when he met a group of children that had no shoes. He wanted to help, and thus this company was born. Blake made a “One for One” pledge, for every pair of shoes that is purchased, the company will give a pair to a needy child. What a great concept. The company has since expanded to include glasses with the same “One for One” motto. Check out the company if you would like cute shoes or glasses that give back.

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