Old stockings double as drain hose lint trap

It’s rare that I rip a pair of stockings. But over time, they do stretch out and lose their shape. At our house, we use stretched out stockings as washing machine, drain-hose lint traps. We take scissors and cut the legs into 8-inch pieces. As far as the length, that will vary to depending on the size of your utility sink. But it’s important the piece is not too long because then it will clog the drain and overflow.

Next, we tie knots at the end of each stocking piece and connect the open end to the drain using a rubber band left over from the newspaper. Make sure to wrap the rubber band around several times, so it doesn’t fall off when the wash runs.

After 10 washes, the stocking fills up with lint. When the lint dries, we remove the stocking, turn it inside out and re-attach it to the drain. It cheaper than buying two nylon-mesh lint traps that cost around $3.25 for two. It also is a great way to recycle something that would have been thrown out.

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