Groundhog shoes use organic materials with a unique style

Canada-based Groundhog shoes are the epitome of eco-consciousness and are not as unappealing as some other green shoes. Groundhog uses fabric linings and top socks made from hi-tech material containing bamboo charcoal that resists bacteria and has good thermal insulation properties. In addition, their soles are made from natural cork mixed with latex that is organic and biodegradable. They also use crepe rubber, a natural product that comes from the sap of lactate meva rubber trees.

Even the packaging is eco-friendly. During transit they place a nano-charcoal moisture absorbing sachet, rather than silica gel, in each shoe box that can be used as an organic fertilizer when exposed to sunlight. I need to get a pair. What's your favorite style?

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  1. Not too pricey and great looking. I really like the boot...Hmmmm