Element EcoWear's Century Sweater a welcomed suprise

I recently bought the Century Sweater and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. It is from Element EcoWear, an earth-friendly, fair-trade clothing company. The company offers bamboo and soy apparel that is what the company claims is “ultra-soft and as durable as standard cotton.” In addition, it works with suppliers who pay fair wages to all employees through fair trade with practices that are kind to the environment.

A bonus is that a percent of every Element EcoWear sale is donated to charitable environmental organizations. And shipping is only around $5. If you use standard mail, the shipper pays the rest.

It costs $62.


  1. I love it from the picture. Can't wait to see if it's that great in real life.

  2. Ms. Product Muse, I know this would work well with your long torso. You should get it!

  3. Pants are cute, too! I received the sweater and will be posting a review this week!