One-of-a-kind better than off-the shelf with recycled bike tube hobo

By Mary Rose Roberts
My fashion-goddess friend, Anna, knows about the best products you’ve never heard of. It’s like she came out of the womb with a boutique sense of style that’s California but urban, functional yet fashionable, for sure expensive but often long-lasting—cheap on what she’d call a “per-wear” ratio. She’s helped build my style along with other women I know.

I bought a Coach wallet at an outlet store under pressure from a friend and soon regretted the purchase. So after a few years of use, I finally put it into an upscale consignment shop last week per Anna’s suggestion, am now wallet-less and looking for a replacement. To find one, she sent me web links to wallets on Etsy, and HOBO was one of the brands listed.

Yesterday, I went to T.J Maxx out of boredom and came across a HOBO hobo bag made of a dark maroon patent leather. I needed a weekend bag for my upcoming girls trip to Colorado to go with a new wallet, I justified. And the price tag said $99, half of the retail price. I took a picture of the bag and sent it to Anna.

In response, she sent me a text with a link to Uncommon Goods’ reversible bike tube striped hobo bag.

“Check this out, cheaper and gen-greener and all around great,” she wrote, adding “I know you are going to steal this for your blog.”

I clicked on the link and learned that the bike tube hobo is made from recycled bike tubes and hand-dyed cotton canvas. It is reversible in ash grey or flame orange, with both sides sporting tube accents and a signature bike tube handle. While it’s not made in the U.S.A, it does help our Central American neighbors in Guatemala through certified fair trade. It costs $75.

Should I get it?

Reversible Bike Tube Striped Hobo Bag

Item ID: 20412

Materials: rubber, cotton canvas

22" L x 17.5" W, Handle 18" L, Drape 15" L

Care: cold wash or dry clean

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