Add some spice to your life

By Bridget Drymiller
Another great stop at my local swap meet is Hana Hotties. This is a Maui business that concentrates on making Hawaiian pepper sauces. I love spicy foods so I’m always up for trying new condiments that will wake up my taste buds. Hana Hotties has all different types of hot sauces. What I love about their sauces is that they are both sweet and spicy. The combination is heavenly and the balance between the two is just right. These sauces are great on chips, meats, vegetables and even fruits if you want to try something different.

All these hot sauces are made locally from Hawaiian Pele chili peppers grown in Hana, Maui. They are organically grown and hand picked as soon as they are ripe. The fruits that are blended with the peppers, except for the Maui Gold pineapples, are also grown in Hana. Everything is locally sourced and there are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives used. Even though this is a local island product, it is available for shipping through their website. Everyone can enjoy this spicy sweet taste of paradise.

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