A trip to Kula Country Farm offers fresh produce, jams

By Bridget Drymiller
When I lived in Chicago I was always disappointed that farmers' markets were only available in the summer and were few and far between. Now that I live in Maui, I realize how spoiled I am. There are literally farmers' markets everywhere. I can get fresh produce, breads, jams and many other products any day of the week. Even when I’m not trying to eat healthy, I end up eating much healthier than I used to in the city.

One of my favorite little markets is Kula Country Farm. Kula is an area with a cooler climate but still warm enough to have a growing season year round. The soil and temperature are perfect for growing onions and strawberries, both of which Kula is known for. The farm stand is situated on quite a bit of acreage that is planted with everything from lavender, to lettuce. During strawberry picking season, you can go and pick your own pints of strawberries right off the plant. Kula Country Farms also has a larger farm in another part of Kula. This branch supplies most of the local stores with strawberries.

Even if you don’t have a little farm stand that is open year round, make the most of spring and summer and shop at local produce stands as often as you can. Not only is the food fresher and more environmentally friendly, it is often cheaper and tastier. You will also be supporting your local economy and keeping a small business alive.


  1. Not cool to tease like this...year round farmers markets, I wish!

  2. I'm a lucky girl, having previously lived in a summer only market climate, I definitely count my blessings!

  3. Seriously. Who doesn't love year round fresh food!!!