Saving energy and money with a flip of a switch

When we’re ready, my husband and I plan to build an eco-chic house that considers footprint, construction materials and energy use—and of course style. In the meantime, we are fixing up our living space and making little switches to decrease our energy use and increase the money in our pockets. 

Enter the Lutron eco-dim dimmer. We bought several at Lowe's and installed them throughout the house. It is a dimmer switch that can save you 15% on your energy bill as well as makes bulbs last three times as long. It also saves energy through setting choices. I have my dimmer set in the middle so when I turn on the light it’s already set at a dim level. I can increase it or lower it based on the task I am doing.

It also modernizes the look of our space. We have an older home, so the new outlet helps make it look more polished and up to date.

Search for the best price. But also offered at Amazon.

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