Non-toxic, non-explosive Firelighters make for tasty grilling

Anyone who knows me also knows that cooking is one of my passions. Living in a warm climate, I especially adore my charcoal grill. What I don’t adore is the smell of lighter fluid. Not only does it stink, it also leaves the same residue taste on any food that has been grilled. It is also a harmful product, both to the environment and the people around it.
One of the best, safe products I’ve found for starting charcoal is Firelighters. These are all natural, environmentally friendly cubes for lighting a grill. For those of you who don’t live on a tropical island with a year-round grilling season, Firelighters work well for igniting fireplaces, fire pits and backyard bonfires. These have no odor, are non-explosive and non-toxic. Simply light 2 or 3 of these, lay them down and place charcoal or wood on top, works as well or better than fluid with much less hazard.

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