Bamboo offers sustainability, comfort and style

Bamboo is a sustainable, fast growing plant that can be used for a multitude of products. It is a grass and can be cut down with no need to replant as it will grow back. It is environmentally friendly, can grow in a small area, uses little water and can be continually reharvested. Sounds like the perfect raw material with many uses. One of these many uses is in the manufacture of clothing.

Bamboo cloth is lightweight, has antibacterial properties and is breathable. If you’ve ever felt a well made article of bamboo clothing, it is extremely soft to the touch, closer to silk than cotton. Bamboo fabric also quickly absorbs moisture and pulls it away from the skin, great for active people! Like silk, bamboo is cool in the summer, warm in the winter and can be worn year round. In my area, bamboo clothing can be easily found. However, if there isn’t a store near you, there are many online sites that sell bamboo clothing. If you like sustainable, quality products, bamboo wear might be right for you.

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