Feel preppy? So does Pure Rootz

By Mary Rose Roberts
In April, I plan to take a golfing lesson to see if it’s something I might enjoy doing with my husband, who is an avid golfer. (No, golf courses are not really that green but it's better than a parking lot.) So I was looking for something preppy enough for the golf course that also was made of a sustainable material. That’s when I found Pure Rootz.

According to the company, organic cottons used in their clothes are not only comfortable but conscience. It's better for the environment versus cultivated conventional cotton, which is one of the most polluting crops in the world (representing 24% of pesticides sold in the world) and often involves the exploitation of labor, serious illnesses related to the intensive use of chemicals and heavy indebtedness of small farmers. In comparison, organic cotton is a great crop for farmers who instead get a balanced ecosystem and enhanced health: Lack of chemicals ensure soil fertility and preserves groundwater while enhancing biodiversity.

In addition, the absence of chemicals in cotton gives offers a softer feel and is more pleasant for the skin. I highly recommend buying organic cotton. You will be supporting a sustainable product and a healthier eco system. My only concern is the cut on the women-sized shirt. From the photo on the right, it looks like the length is pretty short--no good for my long torso friends.

The polo shirt costs about $54 (sold in euros). I found a less expensive version at Amazon (see below).


  1. Thanks for your post! Will have a look at their website!

  2. The Amazon shirts are cheaper, but in my opinion it doesn't look like a slim fit. Good fit has a price tag on it.
    I wear the Pure Rootz polos because they wear much better then the Boss and Fred Perry polos I have. And you're right about the feel, it's like the polos breathe more.

  3. Great to get some feedback on the Pure Rootz. I noticed the difference between the two fits, but I can't say for sure because I haven't had a chance to sample their products. If I get samples, I will re-review and take photos of how it fits for everyone to see. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. love it.
    Gets two polo from them and i.am waiting their news colors coming.