Time to bring the outside in

By Mary Rose Roberts
Temperatures are starting to drop, which means it is time to bring plants inside. Because I live in an urban environment, I use a potted garden. The benefits are being able to bring edible plants indoors and then enjoy them throughout the winter season. It also is a great way to brighten any indoor space, like my office, where I have basil, lavender and rosemary  plants thriving. The soothing scent of lavender fills my office daily and keeps me more stress-free at work. In addition, I clip flowers, mix them with rosemary stems and place the bouquet in vases throughout the house. I also clip leaves and the flowers to make Sleep Well Satchels that I place under my husband's pillowcases to help him sleep through the night. Then there's basil, one of my favorite herbs, that has an awakening effect and doubles as an affordable way to keep enjoying my Urban Garden Bruchetta all year long.

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