Green Tip of the Day: Using glass bottles a stylish choice

Just a quick shout out to Calix Coffeebar regarding their use of glass bottles and short mason jars to serve customers water. At the coffeehouse, barristers fill up the bottles at the faucet because the building has a built-in filtration system for fresh, clean water.

I think these would be great to use for a garden party instead of buying plastic bottles of water. You could place a bottle on each table with four to six glasses and refill them at your sink when they run low. Or use them every day by filling them up and sticking them in the fridge. 


  1. Every place we ate at in Sydney, AUS used glass bottles of filtered tap water when water was requested. It's such a sophisticated look on top of being eco-friendly.

    Another cool tip, the beached and parks had filtered water stations for refilling water bottles. Eco-friendly and money saving.

  2. We should have these here. Maybe I should start a petition!