Go green by living simply, auntie says

By Mary Rose Roberts
I recently was Facebooking with my Aunt Colleen about living green, especially in a big city like Chicago. The funny part about our talk was how nonchalant she was about the Green Movement. To her, living with a conservationist spirit means being smart. So she recommends readers live green in simple ways, in the ways that she has always lived, by doing the following:
  • · don’t use pesticides in the garden
  • · don't use plastic plates or cups
  • · feed the birds so no stale starches are thrown out
  • · recycle
  • · support local business, not Big Box stores
  • · take any clothes to the Salvation Army
  • · turn off the lights when you leave the room
  • · use cloth dish towels instead of paper
It just shows that in little ways, each of us can conserve money while also living a conservationist lifestyle.

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