Too old for a hoodie? Hogwash!

By Mary Rose Roberts
My husband said I need to give up my hoodie sweatshirt. He thinks at a certain age, hoodies should be worn only by skateboards at city parks and snow rats on the mountains. For sure, they are not for a 30-something woman. So I started to search for a sweatshirt made out of U.S.-grown organic cotton that was more mature looking. I found the Snap Hoodie. It has a subtle adult-ness and is a far cry from the Billabong and Roxy sweatshirts I once wore.

It’s $120. But it is a custom-fit, organic cotton sweatshirt handmade in the U.S.A. The maker also claims it is made to last. What do you think? Do you reach an age where you just can’t pull off a hoodie? Or is this unique so it can be worn at any age?

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