Don't occupy Wall Street, just stop giving them your money

By Mary Rose Roberts
While people either gripe about or support the Occupy Wall Street Protest, I have a simple solution. Buy local. That doesn’t just mean visiting your farmer’s market. It means making a conscience decision every day to change your buying habits. It means spending your money on family-owned businesses, not Big Boxes or chain restaurants. It also means giving up your Bank of America bank account and supporting a community bank.

Supporting a community bank can do two things. First, it doesn’t reward corporate CEOs who are getting rich off the government’s bailout and end up spending taxpayers' money to pay for some secluded island or a luxury vehicle not made in the USA. (Yes, I am generalizing.) Second, the CEO of a community bank probably lives in your community, spends her or his money there or sends their kids to school in the local area. They often are invested in the community and also provide jobs for those who live there.

So instead of protesting, speak with your dollars. Change your bank. If everyone in America did this, there would be no Bank of America or corporate banks. In fact, I challenge each of my readers to make this one simple change. See what a difference it can make. 

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