Buy from your friends

By Mary Rose Roberts
Two weeks ago, I received a phone call that my father had a heart attack and was scheduled for bypass surgery. Everyone told me it was routine and not to worry. But it was anything but routine. My father had complications, and I spent late nights in the ICU bonding with nurses. They were amazing. They kept calm during the crisis, educated me about the complications and soothed my mind. Truly, nurses are saints.

Once my dad was out of the woods, I wanted to get the nurses something to show my thanks for their hard work. I could have ran to Jewel and bought a box of cookies. But being green means skipping the regional grocer and going straight to the baker. In this case, it was my friend, Jen, who has a home-based baking company.

I feel part of making green choices is buying local, which often means giving friends my business. Jen's one of the best bakers I know, so it wasn't too hard of a choice. In fact, the nurses loved her sweet-and-salty smiley cookies. And I loved that I supported a small business.

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