Green Tip of the Day: Never forget your reusable bag again

I am always in a rush. So I have to admit, sometimes I forget to bring my reusable bag to the grocery store. I usually realize this once I’ve started loading my cart, and then hang my head as I watch the employee fill up plastic bags with my goods. The solution? I now leave a reusable bag in my car.

As soon as I empty the bag, it either goes directly into the laundry to be washed or back to the rear of my car. It never gets stuffed in a cabinet or drawer.

Now, I never forget my reusable bag and can hang my head high at the check-out line.

(Shout out to Fire Chief and Station Style!)

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  1. Yeppers, keeping reusable bags in the car is the key to never forgetting them. Another thing I always do is load up my bag while I'm shopping instead of using a cart. This keeps me from forgetting to bring the bag(s) in with me AND from impulse shopping as my bag gets full and heavy!