Next-Gen Green Giveaway: Valentine's Day heart tag from Mommy Tags

I fell in love with our next giveaway, dubbed Mommy Tags, the minute I laid eyes on them. Artist Maize Hutton started Mommy Tags in 2003 to commemorate the birth of her niece. It became a full-blown business and was highlighted in 2004 in American Baby, a national magazine. Her personalized name tags soon graced the necks of celebrity moms, such as Courtney Cox and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Products are handcrafted in the USA and carry the official made in Montana seal. Even better?  Maize will be giving away one heart tag to a Next-Gen Green reader for Valentine ’s Day (see picture below right). How do you win? Comment below or go to Next-Gen Green’s Facebook page and use the secret phrase, “Thanks Next-Gen Green. I love made in the USA Mommy Tags!”

In addition, all readers can receive a 10% discount with their order by using the code BUMP10. Please support this fabulous company!

While you are online, please like Next-Gen Green’s Facebook page and Mommy Tags' Facebook page.

What are the tags made of?
Each tag is handcrafted from recycled silver, fired in a kiln and then finished and packed for shipping.  The silver we use is .999 silver, the purest silver you can purchase.

Why is recycled silver unique?
Because the silver is recycled, it has more of an organic feel and sound to it than the typical sterling silver tags cut from sheets of silver.

What type of tags do you create?
Our line includes Mommy Tags, Daddy Tags, Tot Tags, Wagg Tags (for pets), Remembrance Tags, Circle of Love tags and our ever popular Doodle Tags where a parent can upload their child's drawing and have it made into a pendant. 

Why do you “go green”?
I adopted a green attitude as a young child in the 1970s when my parents recycled enough aluminum cans from their lounge and liquor store to send the family of five on a two-week vacation to Hawaii. 

View the entire Mommy Tags line by visiting their website.

Giveaway rules: Must be 18 to enter. Not valid in Canada. Names will be printed and placed in a sealed box and picked at random/pure chance of winning. The giveaway ends on 12 a.m. Feb. 9, 2012. Any giveaway worth $600 must be reported to the IRS. 


  1. “Thanks Next-Gen Green. I love made in the USA Mommy Tags!”

    You're right MR, Lucy would love one of the Wagg Tags...anouncing her love for me, her Momma!

  2. sebastian needs a new collar... love it!!!

  3. "Thanks Next-Gen Green. I love made in the USA Mommy Tags!"
    These are adorable!

  4. Oh gosh, I lóve these. And the fact that they're *green* makes them twice as nice, to me.

    1. Renee! You are our winner. Please email me your address today. You have a week to claim the prize or we re-draw. Thanks!

  5. Thanks Next-Gen Green. I love made in the USA Mommy Tags!

    these are amazing! :)

  6. Love this!! I went to the facebook page and commented. Lovely =)!

  7. Love the look and especially love that you are using recycled silver! Green and beautiful-brilliant!

  8. Love seeing great things created in the USA using recycled materials. Brilliant!

  9. I have mommy tags, with a tag for each of my 3 kids. I love it and get many compliments, I have worn it for years!