Next-Gen Green Giveaway: Make a statement with a recycled Cable Bike Chain Bracelet

Have you ever checked out It has some of the most incredible artists from all over the globe. And since I have some bike-addicts as friends and followers, I was intrigued by the jewelry developed by Re-Cycled Accessories, founded in 2007 by Brock and Cindy Garvin of Vernon, BC, Canada.

I recently sat down with them to discuss their recycled bicycle materials used in their art. To thank you for reading this post, they will be giving away a Cable Bike Chain Bracelet. How do you win? Comment in the space below the blog or go to Next-Gen Green's Facebook page and use the secret phrase,” Thanks Next-Gen Green! Get out and ride!” While you are online, please like Next-Gen Green’s Facebook page.

What is your product?
We have created an original line of jewelry and accessories for the cycling enthusiast.  Everything is made with quality recycled bicycle parts.

What type of materials do you use?
We use recycled bicycle spokes, chains, brake cables, shifter cables, cogs, tires, tubs, rims and even the odd bike frame.

What is your inspiration?
The original inspiration came from our young son when he wanted a bracelet made from a bike chain.  He wanted a bracelet that looked like it was one piece, with no hooks or catches. That turned out to be our signature piece: The Hidden Link Bicycle Chain Bracelet.  This is still one of our biggest sellers today.  (Visit the Facebook page to learn more.) Now, the inspiration comes from the sheer joy of creating something new and beautiful from something old and discarded.

Why is using recycled materials important?
There is too much waste in our society today.  Good quality bicycle parts are made with very beautiful, quality materials that deserve to have a second life. Our goal is to build a fun, yet sustainable product line that screams with our passion for life. We have even made a recycled bicycle trailer.

View Brock and Cindy’s full line at their website.

Giveaway rules: Must be 18 to enter. Names will be printed and placed in a sealed box and picked at random/pure chance of winning. The giveaway ends on 12 a.m. Feb. 23, 2012. Any giveaway worth $600 must be reported to the IRS. 


  1. ” Thanks Next-Gen Green! Get out and ride!”

  2. ”Thanks Next-Gen Green! Get out and ride!”

    Very cool!

  3. Thank you next Gen Green. Just want to clear up a miscommunication in this article. The recycled bicycle trailer that we made is NOT the one pictured in this blog. To see our recycled bicycle trailer go to and watch our youtube video. It is called The Sherpa bike trailer.

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