Next-Gen Green Giveaway: Eco-seamstress upcycles materials to help the earth

Eco-seamstress Christine Maloney chooses vintage or second-hand fabrics in her upcycled, upsewn items intended for every day use. One of my favorite, common-sense pieces is her reusable snack baggies that each of us can use for our family or for our brown-bag lunches. I recently virtually sat down with Christine to discuss her projects. As a bonus, she will be giving away a set of her snack baggies to one lucky Next-Gen Green reader. How do you win? By commenting below or on Next-Gen Green’s Facebook page using the secret phrase, “Thanks Next-Gen Green.  I want Christine's upcycled goods!”

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How long have you been eco-sewing?
I've been eco-sewing for nearly 20 years.  The first project I intentionally eco-sewed was a Halloween costume I made for my infant daughter - a black cat outfit and a skullcap with pointy ears made from an outdated cotton dress I'd had since high school.  She's now 17. Since then, I've made many of my kids' Halloween costumes from upcycled materials and have branched into quilting, home decor, ornaments, kitchen textiles, tote bags, baby items, doll clothing, re-usable snack baggies, reusable menstrual pads and plushies.

What type of material do you use?
Reusable snack baggie.
Occasionally, I will purchase new fabric from the clearance section of the fabric store to mix-n-match with my at-home stash.  For my quilting projects, the batting I use is glue- and resin-free and is made with USA-grown cotton.

What is your inspiration?
My kids are my biggest inspiration.  I want to feel that I'm doing my best to leave them a cleaner planet and providing them the needed skills to be stewards of the earth in their daily choices.  

Why is it important to use recycled and eco-materials?
Casserole Carrier
There are so many reasons that using eco-materials is important. Americans' over-consumption has set the precedent for developing countries. We need to show the world that earth-friendly re-use is hip (not just necessary).  Also, what better way to give objects a second-life?  Lastly, and my favorite reason, is that vintage fabrics are beautiful.  

In addition, eco-sewing is multifaceted, teaches my kids to be mindful of their choices and shows others that eco-friendly choices can be intrinsically rewarding.

Contact Christine via e-mail or visit her website. Please show your support!

Giveaway rules: Must be 18 to enter. Not valid in Canada. Names will be printed and placed in a sealed box and picked at random/pure chance of winning. The giveaway ends on 12 a.m. Feb.17, 2012. Any giveaway worth $600 must be reported to the IRS.


  1. “Thanks Next-Gen Green. I want Christine's upcycled goods!" Kris gave me some of your little baggies, and they're great!! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Beth! Our winnter was Keri W. who posted on NGG's facebook page. Thanks for playing!