Schrenk family vacation made safer with packed water filter

As I write this, I'm at an all-inclusive resort on Mexico's "Mayan Riviera," south of Cancun. It's our biggest vacation as a family of four, and the first trip to Mexico for all of us. Even though we are at a resort that caters to gringos, I'm pretty sure you're still not supposed to drink the water. In fact, because it is an all-inclusive resort, the mini-fridges are well stocked with bottles of filtered water emblazoned with the resort’s logo. Indeed, the bottles are ubiquitous at many of the restaurants and bars throughout the resort.

Fortunately, I recently bought a MSR MiniWorks EX water filter for backpacking and remembered to bring it on this trip in order to filter tap water. Not only will I have clean water for the trip, but I won’t have to resort to opening, using and tossing out plastic water bottles.

I shudder to think of how many water bottles are tossed out each day by the hundreds of guests at this resort. But I'm happy to have brought my filter to take that number down a bit.

Our next stop is a two-night stay at Chichen Itza, where the hotel might not have a proliferation of water bottles included in the price of the stay, so I'll be even happier to have my filter.

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