Bonus giveaway for Cape Girardeau, Mo., dog lovers only!

Some might say I spoil my mutt, Bella. But you have to meet her to realize she is the sweetest, most loving and well-behaved dog. And especially being childless, I can’t help but shower her with love and treat her once in awhile to something special.

Some of the stores that helped me spoil her in Chicago were hard to come by in my new hometown. So in early January, I was excited to see the opening of a new store, Mississippi Mutts, where I could spend a few bucks on the dog while also accessing natural food products and toys that were good for her and the environment. 

I recently spoke with the owner, Sherry Jennings, about the store. And in return, she is offering two free giveaways—a free self-service dog wash and a dozen dog bakery cookies. As you can see from the picture on the left, Bella loves the biscuits and so will your mutt.

How do you win? Comment below or on Next-Gen Green’s Facebook page with the secret phase: “Thanks Next-Gen Green. My mutt deserves healthful treats!” You have one week to do it, so vote today. While you’re online, please like Next-Gen Green on Facebook as well as Mississippi Mutt's Facebook page.

Why did you decide to open a business that offers natural dog food?
Many dog owners, such as myself, want to do everything they can to increase the lifespan and quality of life for their beloved family members.  Choosing a natural or holistic dog food aids in disease prevention and the overall health of the dog.  

How are your dog biscuits made?
Our dog biscuits are made from all human grade ingredients and are preservative free.  We try to carry a variety of fun shapes and flavors of biscuits to make them fun for the dog. We even have low-fat biscuits for our dog customers who are watching their figures.

What other organic products do you offer?
We also carry a large variety of organic packaged treats from Northern Biscuit, Fruitables, Wagatha's and Darford.  In addition, we offer Fruitables Digestive, Weight Loss Supplements and Jones Natural Chews.

Why is it important to provide dog toys and goods made of recycled materials?
It helps to preserve the earth's natural resources and reduces the amount of energy needed to produce the items. Producing pet items from recycled materials also reduces air and water pollution, which in turn provides a healthier environment for us and our dogs to live in.

Does your self-dog wash conserve water?
Yes, because the elevated tubs and regulated water temperature make it easier and faster to manage the dog bathing process, therefore, conserving water.

Giveaway rules: Must be 18 to enter. Not valid in Canada. Names will be printed and placed in a sealed box and picked at random/pure chance of winning. The giveaway ends on 12 a.m. Jan. 28, 2012. Any giveaway worth $600 must be reported to the IRS.


  1. “Thanks Next-Gen Green. My mutt deserves healthful treats!”

    Ah, sweet Bella! I never would have been able to get a picture like this with Lucy.

  2. Thanks Next-Gen Green. My mutt deserves healthful treats!

  3. “Thanks Next-Gen Green. My mutt deserves healthful treats!”
    and super easy bathing!! Barb Gleason

  4. Thanks Anna, Old Town and Anonymous. We picker our winners, both of which ended up commenting on our Facebook page. We have giveaways every friday for the next 6 weeks so come back to enter!