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Hello travelers, (physical and virtual).

My name is Adam Leaders and I am the founder of a new website YIPPYtrip that helps people find bar/restaurant specials, hotel deals and transportation discounts in Costa Rica.

Every day, I am introduced to new and exciting activities, restaurants, and lodging. Some more eco-conscious than others and others that go above and beyond the call for environment friendly eco-tourism.

I would like to share those places/activities/businesses with you as we help build awareness for their cause and applaud them for their valiant effort in making the travel industry have less of an impact on the environment and more sustainable.

To start, check out Koki Beach in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica video that shows that they care about the environment by building their restaurant almost completely from recycled materials. Not wanting to negatively impact their surroundings, the site is 100% removable and built around the nature that was present before they arrived, including trees and bushes.

Adam Leaders
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