Do you know about the new Illinois Electronics Disposal Law?

It’s a new year. While you try to keep up with countless resolutions, you also need to make yourself aware of the 200+ new laws that took effect January 1st in Illinois. One law that’s likely to affect nearly every Illinois resident at some point is the new electronics disposal law. Done are the days of tossing your outdated computer, TV, or even CDs in the trash bin and calling it a day. Residents now are required to recycle their electronics under state law.

The new law carries a fine of $25 for first time offenders and $50 for repeat offenders. But it’s about more than the government trying to make a buck. The goal of the new law is to divert up to 60 million pounds of electronics from landfills in 2013. Electronics sit in landfills and contain many dangerous harmful chemicals that can be released into the environment.

•           Donate – What’s old to you can be gold to someone less fortunate. Even if your electronics aren’t working they can often be easily fixed and updated for a second life of use by someone who couldn’t otherwise afford them. Search the web for The National Cristina Foundation, The Assistive Technology Exchange Network and Computers for Schools to find out how you can part ways with your old, seemingly useless object while contributing to a worthwhile cause

•           Recycle – Many communities offer drop-off bins and recycling programs where you can drop off or arrange for pick up of your old electronics. The community will make sure your electronics are properly recycled for parts or re-use. Check with local communities’ websites to find drop-off locations.

•           Sell – You’d be surprised what people are willing to pay for electronics you may view as worthless. Often old electronics contain valuable parts or can become collectable items over the years. Put your electronics on sites like Craigslist or eBay or even hold a garage sale and see what people are willing to pay.
Source: SRV Network

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