Next-Gen Green Giveaway: Children's book author offers free book, handmade accessory to one lucky reader

Anna Fischer Wulff
Finding inspiration starts from within for Anna Fischer Wulff, a Michigan City, Ind.-based follower of Next-Gen Green. Anna is a creative savant, whose art shows up through cooking, gardening and writing. In fact, she recently published her first children’s book. I virtually sat down with her to discuss her book and what inspired her to write it. As a bonus, she has offered to give away a copy of the book along with a handmade accessory made of recycled materials that represents one of its characters, Pockett.

How do you win the book and accessory? You must go to Next-Gen Green's Facebook page or comment below using the secret phrase: “Thanks Next-Gen Green. I want Anna’s book!" You have one week to do it, so do it today!

You just wrote your first children's book. What was your motivation?
The Book!
It happened when my sister and her husband announced they were pregnant with twins.  Two days later, I just started typing on a whim. Thirty minutes later, "Pockett - The Tooth Fairy's Buddy" was born.  I immediately emailed the story to my sister and brother-in-law and that was the end of it...or so I thought.  My brother-in-law said my story was one of the best children's stories he's ever read. He insisted I work on having it published.  So I guess my motivation was my nephew, niece, and feeling like I had to prove to someone new in my family, who didn't know me, that I can follow through with something that I started.

You will be offering an accessory for the book to family, friends and one NGG reader. What is it made of?
Pockett isn't necessary to the story but to me he has always been a tangible part of the story from its conception. It will be a great place for your child to stash their tooth when they lose it and then place it under the pillow for the tooth fairy.  I am sewing Pocketts myself out of repurposed fabrics, such as old jeans, blankets, shirts and more.  I think this is neat and meaningful because it means, like snowflakes, that no two Pocketts will be the same.

Anna's vegan salad.
You go meatless and buy organic. In what ways has this changed you or your health?
I went vegan as a culinary challenge around four years ago.  I didn't necessarily intend to remain vegan but my body just felt lighter. It wasn’t lighter in a not stepping on the scale way. But how you feel when stress leaves your body, like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. At the same time, I learned that I was allergic to dairy. So I was feeling better when I cut out dairy. Buying organic just comes naturally when you’re vegan.  Most of the items I buy only come in organic versions.  When it comes to produce, I do my best to buy organic.  I love farmers’ markets.

In what ways do you turn trash into art?
Well, for starters, my husband is a hoarder so if there is anything I can do with something he brings home I will use it.  I have turned buckets, giant pipes, wash basins and more into planters.  I really like my old window that I spray-painted with mirror paint and hung against the house.

Why is it important to tap into the creative spirit to develop a piece of work?
For me, I think this actually works in reverse.  If I make a conscience effort to create something and then try to tap into my creative spirit nothing will happen.  It's like knowing exactly what kind of shoes you want, but you'll never find them if you're looking for them.  In my case, it's more like my creative spirit taps me on the shoulder, and I just create until I'm finished—literally in one sitting.  If I stop, I won't ever finish it. And no matter how hard I've tried, I absolutely cannot create the same thing twice.

What is your inspiration?
I'm not really sure I can pinpoint my inspiration.  My brain thinks too much and my heart feels too much.  Sometimes whatever is going on in my brain or heart just all gets to be too much and unintentionally comes pouring out in the form of a drawing, a recipe, a garden, or, in this case, a children's story.

Contact Anna to learn more about ordering a book or follow her on her blog.

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  4. Loved this! I can totally relate to her view on stress leaving the body. It is the most tangible physical reaction I've had since going vegan.

  5. Thanks Next-Gen Green. I want Anna's book!

  6. “Thanks Next-Gen Green. I want Anna’s book!"

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  8. Thanks Next-Gen Green. I want Anna's book!

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