Dausy Artisan Soaps Spring into the Handcrafted Natural Soap Market

Handcrafted Artisan soaps are becoming increasingly popular in local gift shops and farmer’s markets. Handcrafted soap has long been preferred for its gentle cleansing properties, but many commercial producers of soap and skin care products have long since been in the business of removing the best ingredients from soap in order to sell it back to consumers as skin care treatment products. What could be better than a fresh new line of products that contain all the original wholesome goodness that moisturizes and cleanses your skin the first time, naturally, the way it should be?

Among the many brands and varieties available, Dausy Artisan has launched a new line of nature-inspired, hand-crafted soaps using skin-nourishing oils with touches of natural moisturizing tropical butters, a myriad of fresh and dried botanicals, natural colorants and a bit of sculpting as well. All Dausy moisturizers and scrubs are made from 100% natural ingredients. They contain no preservatives, no chemicals and are paraben-free. They are made and sold in small quantities to stay fresh.

Natural Artisan Soaps
Each batch is blended by hand in small batches using cold process soapmaking and retains the natural glycerin inherent in all made-from-scratch soap. These are not melt-and-pour soaps made from prefabricated soap bases, but skin-nourishing combinations of hand-crafted recipes that not only cleanse, but moisturize the skin as well. Making soap in small batches not only aids in quality control, but keeps the entire line fresh. Individual bars are cut as they are sold, directly from the loaf, with no two bars alike.

Enhanced with herbs, petals, spices, infusions, syrups, minerals, natural colorants and select fragrances, each loaf in their line of over a dozen soaps is deliberately formulated for its unique properties. The resulting recipes yield an intriguing variety of texture, color, purpose and are topped off with their own design.

Made in tandem with the seasons, these soaps are chock full of nature’s bounty. Many are only available seasonally.

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