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Amy Pfaffman grew up in Birmingham, Ala. and attended the Rhode Island School of Design. Amy now lives in Marin County, Calif., in a rural area about an hour from San Francisco. With her partner, she volunteers for an organization that rescues orphaned baby raccoons. "We raise them and release them back into the wild when they're old enough to care for themselves," she said.

What made you become interested in eco-jewelry?
I college I took a course about how the design of a product has an impact on the environment (such as whether it can be disassembled for recycling). It opened my eyes to how we all effect the environment.

What materials do you use? Where do you find them?
I use whatever inspires me, and inspiration can hit almost anywhere. I have the most luck at the flea market. I also comb Ebay where I can buy treasures from other countries, like antique porcelain dolls from Germany. Materials include knitting needles, poker chips, antique dolls, vintage brass tags, vinyl records, game pieces, thimbles, watch faces and dominoes.

How do you come up with your creations?
When I see something with potential, it hits me right away. I don't always know how I'll turn it into jewelry, so sometimes ideas "gestate" for a long time before I'm inspired with a design. In every design I aim to show the material or artifact in its best light.

Why use eco-materials?
More and more I think about how much "stuff" is produced all the time, and I don't want to be a part of generating new material for landfills. Whenever I can use old materials, the wearer can experience something new while keeping something out of the waste stream.

Giveaway rules: Must be 18 to enter. Names will be printed and placed in a sealed box and picked at random/pure chance of winning. The giveaway ends on 9 a.m. on 7/7/12.

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