Who's who: Botanist practices what she preaches

By Mary Rose Roberts
What’s fun about redesigning a blog is the ability to step back and determine how to freshen up content. I want nextgengreen to be a community, so it’s important we get to know each other—either by volunteering to blog or by being highlighted as unofficial members of what I hope to be a very large, very inclusive international club.

So to start, I will be interviewing the winners of nextgengreen’s monthly giveaways when they are willing, starting with May 2012’s giveaway winner who is Sheri Paul. Sherri picked up a pair of upcycled earrings from WIRED owner and creator, Melissa Kolbusz.

Sherri's a botanist who gets to work in what is arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth: Anahola, the Hawaii-Island of Kauai. Ever since she was a child, she preferred to be outdoors exploring and enjoying nature. Later, she received a bachelor's of science degree in environmental conservation and presently works for the Division of Forestry & Wildlife, preserving and protecting endangered Hawaiian plants.

“I think when you appreciate and enjoy something you try your best to protect and care for it,” she said.

Sherri makes conscious conservation decisions on a daily basis, including supporting the local economy. She shops at her local health food stores and farmers' markets. She also grows an organic garden with seeds and seedlings from the island.

“When eating out, I choose places that serve local cuisine and support our local farmers,” she said. “I also share my knowledge with friends and family and try to convince them to avoid big chain restaurants and stores.”

Sherri believes it is important to buy green products for human health and for the health of the planet.

“Every time I make a purchase, I feel I am casting a vote and that vote is for the protection of our environment,” she said. “The more people who buy green products the higher the demand for them will be and that's a great thing.”

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