Give an eco-gift this season idea 15: Make a homemade snowman

You will need:

1 package baby socks
1 package of 1-inch wooden plant pots, painted black
1 bag of cotton balls
1 package of rubber bands
1 package of googlie eyes
Black marker
2 brown pipe cleaners
Needle and white thread
Super glue (or glue gun, if you have one)
  1. Cut off the ankle part of each sock.
  2. Stuff each white sock with cotton balls until full.
  3. Sew bottom of each sock closed, by either folding one end over the other and sewing or by holding both ends together and sewing.
  4. Take two rubberbands and use to section the sock in three, like the three parts of the snowman. Make sure the top portion is slightly smaller than the other two.
  5. Using either Super Glue or a glue gun, run the glue along the bottom edge of the flower pot that is painted black and then turn upside down and press onto the snowman’s head. This will be the hat.
  6. Again, using Super Glue or glue gun, put a dab on the back of each googlie eye and affix to face of snowman.
  7. Cut two pieces of brown pipe cleaner, about 3 to 4 inches long. Along the right side of the second section of the snowman, cut a small hole and insert pipe cleaner. Do the same to roughly the same place on the left side. These are the arms.
  8. Using the black marker, draw a large dot for the “coal” nose of the snowman, and then dotted lips.

Nikki Golden is a full-time association marketing manager and a part-time crafty wannabe. You can find her on Twitter @lucy1375 and on Pinterest @nikki_golden.

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