Give an eco-gift idea 25: A free homemade quilt for a family or person in need who you nominate!

By Mary Rose Roberts
One way to be green is to reuse items that might otherwise be thrown away. For example, when I do craft projects, I pick from the bottom of the barrel. I visit the local fabric store and head straight to the remnants bin. The remnants bin holds pieces of fabric at the end of the roll that haven’t been sold. The pieces are usually less than a yard but sometimes as much as two yards—if you’re lucky—and are often at a significantly reduced price.

I’ve been using remnants in my homemade quilts. I finished and donated my first quilt last year and have been under the tutelage of my grandpa-in-law since I married back in April. These quilts are tough to do and truly are labors-of-love. But what makes them worth it is finding someone who needs it more than me.

I also will donate the red, white and blue queen-sized quilt pictured above when finished to a needy family. But I would like readers of Next-Gen Green to help. I am asking each of you to nominate a needy family or person who could benefit from the quilt and matching pillow shams.

Binding my first quilt with grandpa.
Leave a comment below to nominate someone or an organization. Please provide as much detail as you can about why your nominee is in need and how my quilt could help. Our editors will review submissions left below, posted on Facebook and tweeted on Twitter then pick the winner on Jan. 9. Check the blog or Facebook on that day. We will announce our decision and ask the nominator to contact us with the address to ship the quilt.

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  1. I had no idea you quilted! I'm sure whoever gets it will love it!