Give an eco gift this season idea 22: Resale gift card

By Kathy Schrenk
The greenest of all ways to shop is resale. You’re giving new life to something someone else didn’t want and keeping it out of a landfill. You’re also saving the resources that would go into producing, packaging and shipping the new item. And while it may be tough to shop for a gift for someone at a resale shop, most of these stores offer gift certificates. In my town, Savers is a favorite, and they’re a nation-wide chain. Many major cities around the country are home to Buffalo Exchange, which, like Savers, sells gift cards. If your gift recipient doesn’t live near one of those, many local thrift stores offer gift certificates. For the truly picky on your gift list, google “upscale resale” for their city. Hopefully you’ll discover a store that consigns designer clothes.

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