Give an eco-gift this season idea 3: Billiards bottle stop made in the USA

I know a woman who works unusually long hours due to the additional workload put on her plate by corporate downsizing coupled with a somewhat manic boss who causes and then needs her to stomp out fires. I assume at the end of the day she cracks open a bottle of wine to unwind from the barrage of fabricated emergencies and let go of the daily stress. What I know for sure is that she is an avid billiards player, even plays on leagues, and would love the next eco-seasonal gift idea: the recycled pool balls billiards bottle stopper.

Handmade in Colorado in a small shop, the pool balls have been retired from the table—scuffs and all—and have been recycled into unique bottle stops. The pool ball is attached to a stainless steel bottle stopper designed to last a lifetime with a guarantee not to pit or corrode. While buyers can request a number or color, supplies are limited based on what the maker has found.

One stopper costs $20. 

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