Gift It Green and never buy wrapping paper again

By Mary Rose Roberts
Did you know that more than four-million tons of trash per year is contributed to wrapping paper and gift bags? I always get teased around the holidays because I insist on collecting gift bags, tissue and ribbon to reuse in future gift giving because it seems a waste to just throw it away. In fact, I have an entire Tupperware container full of stuff. But I no longer have to look so foolish thanks to Gift It Greena line of cotton, reusable gift boxes offered with what the company calls “eco-chic” crinkly tissue paper.

I love how this product reduces waste and, at the same time, keeps a historical account of gift givers and receivers via a tag sewed inside with multiple lines. In fact, they were designed to be gifted forward and let users track how many people and locations to which the gift box traveled.

The reusable gift boxes are designed by the mom of three boys in Chicago, Ill., (shout-out to my hometown!) but are manufactured in China with the company saying “after trying to produce in multiple factories in the United States, we finally resorted to manufacturing in China due to the significant amount of labor that goes into each gig. We continually look for ways to qualify and improve the environmental and labor conditions of all suppliers we work with.”

They cost between $14 -$18. I have asked the company for a sample and will be offering a review in the future. We may even use them to house nextgengreen giveaways. What do you think?


  1. What a wonderful idea! Finally an Eco-friendly gift wrapping solution. I use old newspapers and scrap art pages as wrapping paper. This is perfect for wedding and shower gifts.

  2. I just passed this on for a friend's birthday. She loved it. If you ever buy it, please drop a note that you found it on

  3. Love it! Thanks! I can't wait to regift it.