Homemade ricotta and grilled veggie sandwich (gluten-free)

By Mary Rose Roberts
A sandwich is a quick and easy alternative to an elaborate dinner. So, this #meatlessmonday, try a grilled veggie sandwich with a side of crispy kale and parsnips. This sandwich goes the extra mile when it comes to freshness, including homemade organic ricotta cheese (you can find the recipe here). Add Rudi’s multigrain gluten-free bread and grilled vegetables to deliver a satisfying and wholesome meal the whole family can enjoy. (As you can see, I like my veggies crispy. But it is better to keep them as raw as you can enjoy in order to preserve the most nutrients.)

Homemade ricotta and grilled veggie sandwich (gluten-free)

¼ cup of ricotta cheese
1 Roma tomato cut into slices
¼ sliced red onion
1 zucchini cut into rounds
4 slices Rudi’s multigrain gluten-free bread
A dash of salt and pepper

Grill the veggies on the grill or the stove. If on the stove, spray a frying pan with cooking spray. Add zucchini. Toss for 2 minutes. Add onions. Cook until translucent. Add tomato.

Toast the 4 slices of bread. Add cheese. Add salt and pepper. Add veggies. Serve immediately.

Kale and parsnip chips
Bundle of organic Kale (Kale is on Dirty Dozen so buy organic!)
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Heat oven to 450 degrees. Chop parsnip or use a mandolin to cut into thin pieces. Place pieces in a bowl of water and place in the microwave for 2 minutes or until soft. Chop kale. Toss kale and parsnips in olive oil, salt and pepper and paprika. Place on greased cookie sheet and bake 5 minutes. Bake longer if they need to brown more.

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